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L’chvod Rav Avi, Rabbi Lopatin, Rabbi Linzer, Rabbi Love, Rav Katz and the rest of the faculty and staff, Obviously, we are grateful that you have created a holy place of learning for both Chai and Tzachi. But do you realize the profound influence you have had and continue to have in our lives? Thank you for helping us to create an open orthodox home where Torah is observed consciously. Thank you for modeling for us how to live the Torah that we learn. Thank you for helping us to raise our children with the knowledge that they could question anything that did not make sense to them, and that that is a proper and healthy attitude to apply to all aspects of Torah living. It brings us tremendous comfort and gives us strength knowing that Yeshivat Chovevei Torah is here to inspire and guide all of us.

With heartfelt thanks,
Estelle and Harvey Posner
Parents of Chai Posner (YCT ’10) and Tzachi Posner (YCT ’17)

Multimedia Library

Below is our collection of Learning multimedia materials. Browse through the categories for interesting content. Lectures are provided as MP3 files, which you can download to your computer. Once the download is complete, you may listen to the mp3 file on your computer using Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime or iTunes; or, upload the file to your mp3 player.


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file icon a603. Daf Yomi - Tamid 30hot!

By Rabbi Dov Linzer

Hits: 1177
file icon 03.Daf Yomi - Sanhedrin 66hot!

By Rabbi Dov Linzer

Sanhedrin 66 

Hits: 1170
file icon a588. Daf Yomi - Meilah 12hot!

By Rabbi Dov Linzer

Hits: 1168
file icon a718. Daf Yomi - Berakhot 53bhot!

by Rabbi Dov Linzer

Hits: 1168
file icon a494. Daf Yomi - Bekhorot 43hot!

Blemishes and other problems by kohanim which do not let them serve in the Beit HaMikdash. Misshapen heads, hunchback, unusual baldness. Why are blemishes a problem? Connection to the asthetics of Beit HaMikldash. Not only blemishes, but also a definition of "normal" - only kohanim who fall within standard deviation can serve, but regarding what characteristics? A third, rabbinic category of traits which are visually distracting

By Rabbi Dov Linzer

Hits: 1167
file icon a259. Daf Yomi - Zevachim 111hot!

By Rabbi Dov Linzer

Hits: 1166
file icon a630. Daf Yomi - Niddah 24hot!

By Rabbi Dov Linzer

Hits: 1166
file icon a342. Daf Yomi - Menachot 98hot!

By Rabbi Dov Linzer

Hits: 1164
file icon a634. Daf Yomi - Niddah 29hot!

By Rabbi Dov Linzer

Hits: 1161
file icon a681. Daf Yomi - Berakhot 12bhot!

By Rabbi Dov Linzer

Hits: 1160
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