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L’chvod Rav Avi, Rabbi Lopatin, Rabbi Linzer, Rabbi Love, Rav Katz and the rest of the faculty and staff, Obviously, we are grateful that you have created a holy place of learning for both Chai and Tzachi. But do you realize the profound influence you have had and continue to have in our lives? Thank you for helping us to create an open orthodox home where Torah is observed consciously. Thank you for modeling for us how to live the Torah that we learn. Thank you for helping us to raise our children with the knowledge that they could question anything that did not make sense to them, and that that is a proper and healthy attitude to apply to all aspects of Torah living. It brings us tremendous comfort and gives us strength knowing that Yeshivat Chovevei Torah is here to inspire and guide all of us.

With heartfelt thanks,
Estelle and Harvey Posner
Parents of Chai Posner (YCT ’10) and Tzachi Posner (YCT ’17)

What Communities Are Saying About YCT Rabbis

Eytan Yammer has provided remarkable leadership in the synagogue and the community. Rabbi Yammer’s sensitivity and learning have been a great gift for the congregation, which is made up of members with extremely diverse backgrounds and practices. And Rabbi Yammer carries his deep knowledge with humility… He and Marisa are respected and loved in the community.

Daniel J. Siegel

Knesseth Israel Congregation

Birmingham, Alabama

After Selichot Shiur at Lincoln Square Synagogue

When: Saturday, September 20, 11:00 PM

Where: Lincoln Square Synagogue; 180 Amsterdam Ave.; New York, NY

Rabbi Dov Linzer will give a shiur after selichot at Lincoln Square Synagogue. His selichot lecture will follow the services at 10:00 PM. Please contact the Lincoln Square Synagogue for more information. 


Intensive Talmud Skills Class at Pardes

Join the Pardes community for a gemara shiur designed to foster independent learning. Geared towards students with one to three years of Talmud study, this lecture series will give participants the proficiency to parse and interpret the Talmud and basic commentaries and the conceptual tools to understand and the logical flow of the sugya.

Rabbi Daniel Reifman, who has been teaching fundamentals of Talmud for over 15 years, will be teaching the shiur. He has helped generations of students develop the skills and confidence to study Talmud on their own. Whether studying in yeshiva, following daf yomi, or just trying to fill in gaps in Jewish knowledge, participants will come away enriched and enlightened. 

The shiur is co-sponosred by Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School and the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies, and meets Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6-8 PM at Pardes - 29 Pierre Koenig, Talpiyot, Jerusalem. For more information, please visit or contact Rabbi Reifman at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

2014 Meorot Fellowship
Rabbi Dov Linzer at the Summer Beit Midrash Program, Sharon, MA

Listen to Rabbi Linzer’s shiur on “Obligation, Inclusion, Equality: What We Can Learn from the Ger” that he gave to the Summer Beit Midrash in Sharon, Massachusetts on July 28. 

Special message from the President

Dear Friends,

These are difficult days for those who love Israel and are yearning for peace, security, and respect for all who dwell therein. We are in mourning for the loss of our boys and other victims of terror against our people; in mourning for a murdered Arab boy; terrified at the possibility that Jews could act in such a revolting, vengeful way; and so sad that - if this is indeed the case - we have lost another bit of innocence as a people. Not that we are collectively guilty, God forbid, but in our hearts lies the horror that from our Jewish womb something horrible and evil may have emerged. For me personally, this is a time of self-reflection as a Jew and as a lover of Israel. Amidst all this - especially amidst all this - Israel needs our strength, commitment, and devotion more than ever before! We are with our brothers and sisters in Israel - with all decent people in Israel: Jews, Muslims, Christians, and any others making up the human mosaic that is our blessed Holy Land - for we pray together for peace and unity regardless of our politics or beliefs.


Rabbi Asher Lopatin



See the forthcoming YCT weekly newsletter for further thoughts on the sense of sadness we are experiencing at this difficult time, and, with God's help, the hope that may emerge from this.

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