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Staff Directory

Allison Batalion
Director of Student Affairs & Assistant to the Dean

Rabbi Yonah Berman
Director of Recruitment & Associate Chair of Practical Rabbinics

Kayla Blum
Bookkeeper & Administrative Assistant

Mati Friedman
Executive Vice President

Sharona Grossberg
Executive Assistant to the President

Noya Lavie
Senior Development Associate

Rabbi Dov Lerea, Ed.D.
Dean & Mashgiach Ruchani

Rabbi Dov Linzer
Rosh HaYeshiva, The Norman and Tova Bulow Rosh HaYeshiva Chair

Rabbi Asher Lopatin

Amy Pollak
Director of Marketing & Media Strategy

Ruthie Strosberg Simon
Director of Placement & Alumni Affairs

Kenneth S. Wagner
Director of Development

Rabbi Avi Weiss
Founding President

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