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Setting the standard in rabbinic education

Meorot - Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, Setting the standard in rabbinic education



What is the Meorot Fellowship?

The Meorot Fellowship, in existence for approximately twenty years, is committed to developing future Modern Orthodox spiritual and lay leaders – both men and women – through engaging college and graduate students in an environment of serious learning and honest discourse.

The fellowship devotes one evening per week for a period of three to six weeks to exploring the challenges and opportunities that modernity presents to Judaism and the Jewish people. Sessions consist of presentations given by leading academics, communal leaders, and rabbis followed by an open discussion, placing great emphasis on respect and tolerance as the cornerstones for healthy debate.

We are proud of our Meorot alumni, many of whom have gone on to serve in important leadership positions in the Jewish community.

The theme of all Meorot Programs for the 2017-2018 academic year is “Confrontation and Collaboration: Orthodoxy’s Complicated Relationship with Modernity.”


The Meorot Fellowship is open to current undergraduate students as well as recent college graduates. Fellows receive a generous stipend upon completing the program, along with weekly dinners and all program materials.

Where and When?

Candidates can apply to the fellowship in one of nine locations during the 2017-2018 academic year

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Save the date:

Meorot Leadership Shabbaton in NYC – TBA, Spring 2018

Details and registration open soon!


Spring Locations – Join us!

Allentown, PA at Muhlenberg College Hillel – Seven Tuesdays in January and February, 2018.

Waltham, MA – Meeting at the at the Brandeis Hillel Beit Midrash and open to students from all Boston area campuses. Taam China dinner served, and nightly Koren gift drawing! 5 Mondays, 7-9pm: January 22 and 29; February 5, 12 & 26 (no session February 19). Speakers and topics:

  • Leah Sarna – Must Decision Makers Live in Boxes? A Talmudic Discussion on Bias
  • Rabbi Yonah Berman – Critical Verses: Can Judaism be Whittled Down to One Central Concept?
  • Josh Pernick – Well-Rooted and Flourishing: Is Innovation Allowed in the Beit Midrash?
  • Rabbi Seth Winberg – Is there a Halakhic System? The Rebbe of Tarnopol, Rav Soloveitchik and Professor Tamar Ross Walk into a Beit Midrash
  • Rabbi Lila Kagedan – Topic TBA

Princeton, NJ Beit Midrash meeting at Princeton Hillel Center for Jewish Life, 3 Tuesdays April 10th-24 7:30-9:30 pm. All shiurim are with Rabbi Dov Linzer. Topics include:

Theme: Challenges of Identity and Boundaries in Judaism Today

  • Christianity and Avoda Zara
  • Conversion and Jewish Identity
  • Apikores and Michalel Shabbat

Queens, NY meeting at Queens College Hillel – 4 Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm: February 15th- March 15th. Speakers and topics include:

Washington Heights, NY Beit Midrash meeting at the Beis Community – 5 Tuesdays 7-9pm: January 30th- February 27th. Those who attend all sessions will receive a Koren Sefarim Gift Card. Speakers and topics include:

Theme: Challenges of Identity and Boundaries in Judaism Today

  • Rabbi Dov Linzer
    • Christianity and Avoda Zara
    • Conversion and Jewish Identity
    • Apikores and Michalel Shabbat
  • Rabbi Jeff Fox – Straddling the Mechitzah: Transgender Individuals in Jewish Tradition
  • Rabbi Ysoscher Katz – Writing Modern Orthodox Teshuvot: A Textual Approach

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Locations from the Fall 

Montreal, QC Canada – Meeting at Congregation Shaar Hashomayim in Westmount. 4 Wednesdays, 6:30-9pm: November 1-22. Speakers and topics include:

New York, NYMeeting at the Kraft Center for Jewish Student Life at Columbia University, with one session in Riverdale, NY. 5 Thursdays, 6:30-9pm: October 19-November 16. Speakers and topics include:

New Brunswick, NJ – Meeting at the Eva and Arie Halpern Hillel House at Rutgers University. 4 Tuesdays, 7-9pm: October 17-November 14 (No session October 31.). Speakers and topics include:

Philadelphia, PA – Meeting at the Hillel at the University of Pennsylvania. 4 Mondays: October 23-November 13. Speakers and topics include:

  • Rabbi Dov Linzer – Factory Farmed Meat: A Case Study in the Rhetoric of Values and Halacha
  • Rabbi Jeffrey Fox – Straddling the Mechitzah: Transgender Individuals in Jewish Tradition
  • Rabba Yaffa Epstein – Mishpat Ivri: Conflicts and Connections between Jewish and Israeli Law
  • Professor Marc Shapiro – Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch and the Creation of Modern Orthodoxy

University of Maryland, College Park Pop-Up Meorot – Meeting on two evenings – Sunday, October 22 and Wednesday, November 8. Tentative speakers and topics:

  • Rabbanit Chava Evans – The Risk Analysis: Another Lens for Viewing Contemporary Discourse about Values (October 22)
  • Rabbi Avi Weiss – November 8: Jewish Leadership: Lessons from the Past, Challenges for the Future



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