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  • May a Woman Lead Selichot and the Recital of God’s Thirteen Attributes of Mercy?

    In the Name of God, Ruler of the Universe

    By Rabbi Ysoscher Katz

    Our Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Dov Linzer (shlita), was recently asked if women are permitted to function as shelichot tzibur (prayer leaders on behalf of the community) for the recital of the selichot (penitential prayers) and God’s 13 Attributes of Mercy.… Read the rest

  • Board of Directors the rest
  • Women Leading Selichot – A Response to Rabbi Katz

    By Rabbi Dov Linzer

    I was pleased to read the teshuva by Rabbi Ysoscher Katz, shlita, on the issue of women leading selichot, a topic that I addressed in a teshuva last year.  Rabbi Katz’s halakhic argument appears in the third and final section of his teshuva. … Read the rest

  • Curriculum & Culture Curriculum

    The goal of the YCT curriculum is to train rabbis to be talmidei chakhamim, poskim and spiritual leaders serving the Jewish community in different capacities. YCT rabbis draw deeply from Torah to engage openly the challenges that the modern world presents to a life of religious meaning, faith and Jewish identification.… Read the rest

  • Mind the Gap

    Maharat and YCT have partnered to launch an exciting new program: “Mind the Gap: A Mini Sabbatical,” designed for Jewish professionals who are headed to or in-between jobs in the Jewish communal sector, with the goal of deepening participants’ capacity to integrate and apply Jewish wisdom, text, and spirituality to their leadership contexts.… Read the rest

  • Join Our Team

    Programs Associate

    Position Brief: Actualizing the mission and vision of YCT by providing administrative and organizational support to ensure the smooth function of the institution. Supporting academic, alumni engagement and public programs. Interaction with and support of our students, faculty, and staff.… Read the rest

  • Testimonials

    “Rav Ari is a remarkable young man and has been transformative for our community. Can’t imagine what the past many months would have been like without his energy and leadership. Keep cranking out more rabbanim like him!” David Rubin, Skokie, IL


    “We couldn’t be more thrilled that Ari has gotten the recognition from Hillel International for the remarkable work he has done over the last three-plus years at Cornell Hillel.… Read the rest

  • Mission & Major Achievements

    Our mission is to:

    Recruit, professionally train, and place rabbis throughout the world Lead the Jewish people and shape their communities’ spiritual and intellectual character in consonance with Modern Orthodox values and commitments

    We are deeply committed to:

    Inspiring a passionate commitment to the study of Torah in all its rich forms and the scrupulous observance of halakha.… Read the rest
  • Programs Semikha Program 4 year Semikha Program

    The Semikha program accepts Modern Orthodox male applicants who demonstrate love and dedication to serving the Jewish people, and who posses yirat Shamayim, ahavat haTorah, and ahavat Klal Yisrael. Students should have facility with Gemara and rabbinic texts, overall academic excellence, potential for leadership skills, an open and inclusive orientation, and high moral character.… Read the rest

  • YCT Board Enthusiastically Endorses Rabbi Linzer as President of YCT We are thrilled to announce that last week, the YCT board enthusiastically endorsed the appointment of Rabbi Dov Linzer as President of YCT. Rabbi Linzer’s title will now be President and Rosh HaYeshiva. “I am delighted to partner with Rabbi Linzer in this new role,” said YCT board chair Dan Perla.… Read the rest