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  • May a Woman Lead Selichot and the Recital of God’s Thirteen Attributes of Mercy?

    In the Name of God, Ruler of the Universe

    By Rabbi Ysoscher Katz

    Our Rosh Yeshivah, Rabbi Dov Linzer (shlita), was recently asked if women are permitted to function as shelichot tzibur (prayer leaders on behalf of the community) for the recital of the selichot (penitential prayers) and God’s 13 Attributes of Mercy.… Read the rest

  • For Those Who Cannot Fast, Yom Kippur Should Still be Meaningful

    By Rabbi Dov Linzer for The Jewish Forward

    Yom Kippur is almost upon us. According to Torah law, the Jewish people are mandated to fast the entire day. This can be difficult enough for most people, but particularly so for those with eating disorders.… Read the rest

  • Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School Announces Launch of Online Lindenbaum Center

    Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School (YCT) announces the launch of the Lindenbaum Center for Halakhic Studies website, immediately available at

    The Lindenbaum Center for Halakhic Studies is dedicated to promoting an Orthodox halakha that is scrupulous, sophisticated, and responsive.… Read the rest

  • Yemi Iyun on Bible and Jewish Thought -Online

    Sign up for the Yemi Iyun HERE.… Read the rest

  • Semikha 4 year Semikha Program

    The Semikha program accepts Modern Orthodox male applicants who demonstrate love and dedication to serving the Jewish people, and who posses yirat Shamayimahavat haTorah, and ahavat Klal Yisrael. Students should have facility with Gemara and rabbinic texts, overall academic excellence, potential for leadership skills, an open and inclusive orientation, and high moral character.… Read the rest

  • Jewish Daily Forward: A Chicago Orthodox rabbi reaches out to his Rohingya and Black neighbors

    By Joshua Flanders

    Read the original story in the Jewish Daily Forward here.

    In Chicago’s large Orthodox Jewish community, Rabbi Ari Hart stands out.

    As a leader at Skokie Valley Agudath Jacob Synagogue in Skokie, Illinois, Hart focuses on the roles of women within their community, inclusion of LGBTQ individuals, and other accessibility issues as simple as welcoming different styles of worship.… Read the rest

  • Board of Directors the rest
  • March 12, 2020 | Supportive Words from Rabbi Linzer   Dear Friends,   We are all grappling now with the coronavirus. Even for the vast majority of us who are not sick or infected, our life has been significantly altered, and between quarantines, shul closings, school closings, and social distancing, many people are feeling alone and isolated.… Read the rest
  • What Does the Torah Say about Refusing to Concede? A lot.

    By Rabbi Dov Linzer for The Jewish Forward 

    As of this writing, President Donald Trump has yet to concede the Presidential election, despite having decisively lost the Electoral College as well as the popular vote. Instead of conceding, the president has filed numerous lawsuits in battleground states while vociferously alleging widespread voter fraud on Twitter, claims that, with a tiny number of exceptions, have no merit.… Read the rest

  • Women Leading Selichot – A Response to Rabbi Katz

    By Rabbi Dov Linzer

    I was pleased to read the teshuva by Rabbi Ysoscher Katz, shlita, on the issue of women leading selichot, a topic that I addressed in a teshuva last year.  Rabbi Katz’s halakhic argument appears in the third and final section of his teshuva. … Read the rest