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Chovevei’s more than 150 Rabbis are serving in prominent Modern Orthodox synagogues, educational institutions, college campuses, Orthodox and community day schools, hospitals, camps, and national Jewish organizations around the world. Our success is a product of collaboration: world-class rebbeim, experts in pastoral counseling and pedagogy, passionate and talented students, and you, all working together to advance the yeshiva and its mission. The financial requirements to maintain and further develop Chovevei are enormous.

Please join and support our mission with a gift:

  • Support the only rabbinical school where every single student makes a commitment to enter into the professional communal rabbinate.
  • Bring a new cadre of rabbis into the Jewish community, rabbis who will help shape a more open-minded and inclusive Orthodoxy.
  • Fund the tuition and stipends that sustain our exceptional students and relieve the graduated rabbis of the burden of significant student loans.
  • Support a remarkable faculty that excels in its intellectual breadth, depth, sensitivity and openness.
  • Champion a unique four-year Pastoral Counseling Program.
  • Sustain each student’s two years of mentored internships in settings throughout the United States, whereby our students acquire the skills that turn theory into practice.

We thank you for your generous support!

Building Momentum

Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School is a committed to the training and placement of Modern Orthodox rabbis who are knowledgeable, non-judgmental, empathetic, and eager to transform orthodoxy into a movement that meaningfully and respectfully interacts with all Jews, regardless of affiliation, commitment or background. At YCT we cultivate a love of Torah, a philosophy of inclusiveness, and a passion for leadership. We believe that the future of Orthodoxy depends on expanding outward cooperatively to encompass the needs of the larger Jewish community. 

Help us make a difference.

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