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Yemei Iyun on Bible and Jewish Thought

Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School in partnership with Beit Morasha of Jerusalem, Center for Modern Torah Leadership, Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, Midreshet Ein HaNatziv, Midreshet Lindenbaum, SAR High School, Torah in Motion, Yeshivat Ma’ale Gilboa, and Yeshivat Maharat is proud to invite all Judaic Studies teachers as well as lovers of serious Tanakh and Mahshavah study to the sixteenth annual Yemei Iyun on Bible and Jewish Thought. This year’s Yemei Iyun will take place Sunday, June 24th –  Monday, June 25 2018 | 11-12 Tamuz 5778 at SAR High School.

Leading scholars and educators in the fields of Bible, Exegesis, and Jewish Thought from the United States and Israel will be participating in this conference. The classes and workshops will focus on most of the Biblical books studied in the day school system throughout the country. Participants will be able to choose classes from four tracks, each focusing on a different book of the Bible or topic of Jewish thought.

The annual Yemei Iyun are generously sponsored in memory of Riva Koschitzky z”l by Tamar and Eric Goldstein. May her memory be a blessing to her family, the Jewish people, and the entire world.


Walk In Rate:   $80 per day



We are excited to welcome this year’s faculty:

Rabbi Hayyim Angel,

Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals

Dr. Orit Avnery,

Shalom Hartman Institute

Nechama Barash,

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

Rabbi Aviad Bodner,

Stanton Street Synagogue/
Ramaz Upper School

Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom,

YULA High School

Rabbi Jeffrey Fox,

Yeshivat Maharat

Dean Rachel Friedman,


Miriam Gedwiser,

Drisha Institute for

Jewish Education

Rabbi Dr. Stuart Halpern,

Yeshiva University

Dr. Tammy Jacobowitz,

SAR High School

Rabbi Jon Kelsen,

YCT Rabbinical School

Rabbi Aryeh Klapper,

Center For Modern Torah Leadership

Deborah Klapper,


Rabbi Menachem Leibtag,

Tanach Study Center

Rabbi Chaim Marder,

YCT Rabbinical School/

Hebrew Institute of White Plains

Rabbi Dr. Yehudah Mirsky,

Brandeis University

Dovi Nadel,

SAR High School

Rabbi Haggai Resnikoff,

YCT Rabbinical School


Rabbi Josh Rosenfeld,

SAR High School/

Lincoln Square Synagogue


Dr. Daniel Rynhold,

Yeshiva University


Rabbi Dr. David Shatz,

Yeshiva University

Rabbi David Silber,

Drisha Institute for Jewish Education


Dr. Yael Landman Wermuth,

Brooklyn College