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Our Rabbis

The rabbis ordained at YCT have impacted people and communities all around the world. They are leaders of Klal Yisrael, inspiring teachers of Torah, poskim for their communities and builders of inclusive and welcoming communities.

93% in Avodat Hakodesh

Serving 7 Countries

130+ Musmakhim

100% Placement Rate Upon Ordination

Leading Communities

Our rabbis serve in small and large Orthodox synagogues, as rabbinic educators and executive directors at Hillels, and as chaplains in hospitals and senior residences. They are informal educators at summer camps, teachers at yeshiva and community day schools and in places of higher education. They are heads of schools, school rabbis, and serve as leaders for Jewish communal organizations and foundations. They are founders of non-profits organizations. They are serving across the United States, Israel, Canada and a number of countries in Europe.

Our Impact

One person’s life will change because of their relationship with one of our rabbis. That person might be a college student looking for support from one of our graduates in Hillels. That one person may be a teenager struggling to connect to God, seeking inspiration from our graduates in day schools. That one individual might be an older person facing end of life issues at a congregation being served by our graduates. One by one, in the last 16 years, our rabbis have impacted over 250,000 lives.

The Jewish Future

Our rabbis are a breath of fresh air for the Jewish community. They are relevant, connected, and engaging. They get it. They bring with them profound knowledge of the texts of the tradition, full commitment to halakha and love of all people and all Jews. They are reaching out to students, graduates and young professionals through cutting edge community initiatives. They understand today’s challenges and handle them with deep sensitivity and wisdom. Our rabbis are inspiring, for our generation and future generations.

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