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  • YCT Creates Coronavirus-Focused Passover 2020 Supplement

    In collaboration with Yeshivat Maharat and the International Rabbinic Fellowship (IRF), YCT has created a collection of Passover 2020 readings with an emphasis on the coronavirus and its impact on the holiday this year. Access the readings here. … Read the rest

  • R’ Avidan Freedman, ’07, invites fellow Israelis to be shelter for African refugees

    In a Jerusalem Post article, YCT musmakh, Rabbi Avidan Freedman describes his relationship with three African refugees in Israel and invites his fellow Israelis to follow the Torah’s commandment in offering shelter to those in need.

    “Rather than comply blindly with the government’s policies, I will open my eyes, extend my hand, and say to all who need it: I will be your shelter.”… Read the rest
  • Adult Learning is the Number One Priority for the Jewish Future

    YCT musmakh Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz (’10) has written a new piece on the importance of Jewish Adult education in eJewish Philanthropy:

    “Adult Jewish learning need not be relegated as an afterthought, nor does it have to follow a cookie cutter approach into mediocrity and, ultimately, irrelevance.… Read the rest

  • Hillel International Welcomes Rabbi Benjamin Berger as Vice President of Jewish Education

    by Hillel News |Nov 26, 2018|

    WASHINGTON – Returning to his professional roots, Rabbi Benjamin Berger is joining Hillel International as Vice President for Jewish Education. In his new role, Rabbi Berger will oversee the Hillel U Center for Jewish and Israel Education, charged with leading the growth and development of all Hillel professionals in the core areas of Hillel’s mission, strengthening all Hillel staff as learners and educators.… Read the rest

  • Chovevei Machzor Companion 5781


    Click on the links below to access our newly released Machzor Companion, produced in partnership with Yeshivat Maharat and the International Rabbinic Fellowship (IRF). This companion is a unique holiday addition for the unique and challenging times in which we all find ourselves.… Read the rest

  • I matter, but I Don’t Count: Reflections on Saying Kaddish

    By Miriam Schachter, LCSW for The Times of Israel

    When my mother, Pnina G. Schacter,  פנינה בת לאה פעשע וחנוך העניך, died on October 31st, 2018, I was determined to say Kaddish in her memory over the course of the year.… Read the rest

  • Beit Midrash Program

    Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School has partnered with Yeshivat Maharat to create an innovative program based in our two Batei Midrash, focusing on Talmud skill-building during morning Seder and a wide array of Torah topics during the afternoon. The one-year program is primarily aimed at semikha program applicants, but also accepts those looking to spend a year in immersive learning of Talmud, Tanakh, Halakha, and Makhshava.… Read the rest

  • Annual Tribute Dinner

    Over 300 supporters came together on March 18 to celebrate 18 years of YCT and to honor Rabba Abby and Rabbi Adam Scheier, ’04, Rabbi of Congregation Shaar Hashomayim in Montreal.

    Some highlights included a performance by the Grammy award winning Congregation Shaar Hashomayim choir and the presentation of The Congregation Shaar Hashomayim Experiential Pulpit Fellowship to YCT.… Read the rest

  • Rabbi Ysoscher Katz on Blogcast Panel

    Between May 31 and June 2, Rabbi Ysoscher Katz participated in JOFA’s Blogcast panel discussion on the halakhic and societal issues surrounding women’s aliyot. The other panelists included Channa Lockshin Bob, Rabbi David Brofsky, and Miriam Gedwiser. A transcript of the Blogcast and other related materials can be found on JOFA’s website.… Read the rest

  • Looking for a Way to Commemorate Yom Ha-Shoah?

    The Holocaust—perhaps the twentieth century’s most religiously significant event—is remembered without religious sentiment, or even religious language. The tones are institutional, the palette secular, and the effect much external fanfare and sparse internal fervor. Ben Greenfield ’17 discusses the Seder ha-Levayah le-Yom Ha-Shoah in the Lehrhaus.comRead the rest