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  • Make a Gift the rest
  • White Oak Pond, Women and Tehillim: Staying Connected During COVID

    By Miriam Schachter, LCSW for The Times of Israel

    On March 12th, my husband and I left New York, and drove to our own personal slice of Gan Eden, on White Oak Pond, in Holderness, New Hampshire. We are deeply attached to this part of the world, as we’ve  been spending summers here for more than 40 years. We… Read the rest

  • Our Impact Our Rabbis

    The rabbis ordained at YCT have impacted people and communities all around the world. They are leaders of Klal Yisrael, inspiring teachers of Torah, poskim for their communities and builders of inclusive and welcoming communities.… Read the rest

  • YCT Condemns Rav Yigal Levenstein’s Hurtful and Divisive Remarks

    Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School joins the many rabbis, government officials, and institutions in Israel in rejecting the hurtful and unacceptable words of Rabbi Yigal Levenstein of the B’nai David Preparatory Seminary in Eli.  In an act unbecoming of a leader preparing young Jewish men to serve in the IDF, Rabbi Levenstein lashed out both at the LGBT community, calling them perverted, and at the Reform community, which he called a Christian denomination.… Read the rest

  • Admissions Criteria, Procedures & Dates Admissions Procedures


    YCT Rabbinical School admits students of any race, color, national origin, or ethnic origin. All documents submitted in support of an application for admission become the permanent possession of YCT and cannot be returned to the applicant. 

    Preliminary Discussions and Visit

    If you are interested in applying to one of our programs please contact our Office of Admissions, admissions@yctorah.orgRead the rest

  • With Real-time Closed Captioning, YCT Breaks Down Barriers and Shares Torah to a Wider Audience

    By Rabbi Yonah Berman for eJewish Philanthropy

    I recently spearheaded an online adult education program called Changemakers. This program brought together 30 Orthodox synagogues across North America to share in a four-part Zoom lecture series under the auspices of Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School, where I am the Director of Alumni Engagement and Chair of Professional Rabbinics.… Read the rest

  • Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School Announces Launch of Online Lindenbaum Center

    Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School (YCT) announces the launch of the Lindenbaum Center for Halakhic Studies website, immediately available at

    The Lindenbaum Center for Halakhic Studies is dedicated to promoting an Orthodox halakha that is scrupulous, sophisticated, and responsive.… Read the rest

  • YCT Statement on Women Clergy

    Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School, based on the guidance of our Rosh HaYeshiva and in concurrence with many other respected halakhic authorities, believes firmly in the importance and desirability of promoting both men and women who seek to become Orthodox leaders in the field of Jewish learning, rendering halakhic rulings, playing leadership roles in synagogues and schools, and serving as clergy.  … Read the rest

  • Giving Opportunities SUPPORT YCT     The Leadership Society

    This newly launched society recognizes our major donors and allows us to share our gratitude in more frequent and meaningful ways for those who give generously to YCT each fiscal year. We hope to create a community of dedicated supporters like you to deepen your engagement and strengthen your connection.… Read the rest

  • For Those Who Cannot Fast, Yom Kippur Should Still be Meaningful

    By Rabbi Dov Linzer for The Jewish Forward

    Yom Kippur is almost upon us. According to Torah law, the Jewish people are mandated to fast the entire day. This can be difficult enough for most people, but particularly so for those with eating disorders.… Read the rest