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Admissions Criteria & Dates - Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, Setting the standard in rabbinic leadership

Admissions Criteria & Dates

If you are interested in applying to our programs or wish to speak to a current YCT student, please email our Office of Admissions or call 212-666-0036.

Procedures for Admission

Preliminary Discussions

All prospective students are required to have a preliminary discussion with Rabbi Yonah Berman, the Director of Recruitment, as early as possible in the application process.  Please email Rabbi Yonah Berman or call 212-666-0036 to schedule an appointment.

Visit to YCT

All candidates are required to spend a few days at the yeshiva while it is in session. Please contact Rabbi Yonah Berman to arrange a visit.

Application Instructions

  • Complete our Admissions Application here. There is a $50 registration fee payable when completing your application. Registration fee is waived if your completed application is received by January 15.

All remaining application materials (letters of recommendation, transcripts) must be mailed to:

Office of Admissions
Attn: Bina Westrich
YCT Rabbinical School
3700 Henry Hudson Parkway, Second Floor
Riverdale, New York 10463

or emailed to admissions (at)

Letters of Recommendation

Please ask three individuals to send YCT letters of recommendation supporting your admission to our rabbinical school. These individuals should include at least one rabbi, one member of an academic faculty, and one additional personal reference. Please request that they mail or email these letters directly to YCT.

Official Transcripts

All applicants must complete a university degree before beginning their full-time studies at YCT. Official transcripts must be included with the application. Applicants who are currently enrolled in degree programs must include mid-year transcripts and arrange for final transcripts to be mailed to YCT upon completion of the semester.

GRE Scores

The GRE is required for those whose GPA is less than a 3.0. Scores must be included with your application.


The yeshiva offers qualified students tuition remission and a generous monthly living stipend. For more information please see our Tuition & Fellowships page.


YCT Rabbinical School admits students of any race, color, national origin, or ethnic origin. All documents submitted in support of an application for admission become the permanent possession of YCT and cannot be returned to the applicant. For your records, please make photocopies of all materials submitted, except for transcripts and recommendation forms, which must be received unopened, in the original, sealed envelopes.

Important Dates

  • January 15 – Early application. The $50 application fee is waived for completed applications received by this date
  • March 15 – Final date to postmark and mail applications. Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • May 15 – Applicants will receive notification of admissions decision

Interview Preparation

Once all materials are submitted, those candidates invited for an interview will be notified.

In preparation for discussions during the interview, applicants are required to:

  • prepare a 3-5 minute d’var Torah on the topic of their choice to be shared during their interview

A learning assessment will be administered by one of the rebbeim at the Yeshiva around the time of the interview. Candidates may also be asked to meet with a mental health professional as part of the admissions process.

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