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Rabbi Ilay Ofran

Rabbi Ilay Ofran is the Rav of Kvutzat Yavneh, and founder and joint head of  Mechinat Ruach Hassadeh, a pre-military Jewish academy for boys, located in Kibbutz Beerot Yitzhak. He is a graduate of Yeshivat Kibbutz HaDati in Maaleh Gilboa and of the Beit Midrash in Beit Morasha, and received his Semicha from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.  Rav Ofran is a Psychologist, and has a degree in Talmud from Bar Ilan University.  He is a teacher in Tzahali and at the Yaakov Herzog College, and serves as Director of Rikmah: YCT’s Beit Midrash for Rabbinic Leadership in Israel. 

Rabbi Ilay Ofran - Chovevei Torah, Setting the standard in rabbinic leadership