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Aryeh Ronay

Aryeh Ronay is a student in YCT’s Beit Midrash program as part of the five-year smicha track. Born and raised in Brandon, FL, Aryeh graduated from the University of Florida in 2015 with a degree in English and Philosophy. Post-college, Aryeh fell in love with the Jewish environmental movement at Adamah, the Jewish farming fellowship. Since then, he has worked in Jewish summer camps (Eden Village, Capital Camps, Ramah of the Rockies, and the Tenafly JCC) as an educator and as a farm manager, teaching the Torah of the Earth. After two years of adventures around America, Aryeh found his spiritual home at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, where he learned as a year-student and then as a fellow from 2017-2019. Aryeh moved back to America in 2019 for YU’s PELE Fellowship, a Master’s Degree in Constructivist Approaches in Jewish Education. Aryeh is excited to, b’ezrat Hashem, earn his smicha at YCT and make Aliyah with his incredible partner, Manya, so they can build a bayit neman b’yisrael.

You can connect with Aryeh and his Torah here:

Aryeh looks forward to growing with you!