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Dvir Cahana

Dvir Cahana was born in Goteborg, Sweden, but spent the greater portion of his childhood in Canada. he received a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Israel Studies from Concordia University, where he also played varsity basketball as an Academic All-Canadian from 2015 to 2018. He earned his M.A. in Jewish Studies from McGill University and was the McGill representative of the East Coast Consortium of Graduate Students in Jewish Studies. He spent 2 years teaching at the Satmar elementary school, Yeshivat Toras Moishe and a decade as a congregational weekday Torah Reader/Shofar Blower. Dvir founded the Moishe House in Montreal, and is currently a resident at the Moishe House in Harlem.

Dvir benefitted from the formative training provided in the Bronfman and Drisha Fellowships. He has organized Music and Yoga retreats and his future rabbinic aspirations revolve around his fascination of combining the worlds of art expression and Torah. He has begun this exploration with his sister and father entitled “Bezallel Koli”. You can follow the progress of this project at

Dvir graduated from YCT-YM’s Beit Midrash Program in 2020 & is currently enrolled in YCT’s rabbinical school program as a first year student.