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Maurice Appelbaum

ACPE Certified Educator (Chaplaincy Educator) at Multicare Good Samaritan Health System in Puyallup, Washington, and for Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Maurice served as the rabbi at the Greenpoint Shul in Brooklyn, NY, for nine years. Over that time he helped grow the shul, as Williamsburg and Greenpoint also saw a renaissance in popularity. He, along with various committees,  helped cultivate events such as monthly Friday night dinners with speakers, holiday programming, and other events which attract a wide variety of people. The shul has been written up in the Jewish Week here.

Maurice is currently an ACPE Certified Educator at Multicare Health System in Washington state and for Spiritual Health at Emory Healthcare where he is training aspiring chaplains and seminarians in spiritual care through the course, Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). 

Maurice lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Rebeccah, and their four children.