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“For decades, Berkeley’s Jewish community was transient and in constant flux. People came here a short while to study or on academic sabbatical. Through his warmth, intellect, humor, and vision, Rabbi Cohen has transformed Beth Israel into a destination in its own right—a shul bursting at the seams, where Jewish families can settle, grow, and thrive. His status as a halachic authority has never hampered his humanity or ability to connect with individuals, and personally, he’s the first rabbi I’ve ever known who I considered a true friend.” Jesse Kellerman, Congregant, Beth Israel, Berkeley, CA


“Rabbi Dan Millner’s impact on our synagogue and on our relationship with the organized Austin Jewish community has been spectacular. We are unbelievably fortunate that Rabbi Dan has made building a thriving Modern Orthodox community in Austin, TX, his mission. Membership has risen from 30 to 75 families. He created the first Orthodox Chevra Kadisha in Austin, made the Eruv a reality, and we now have Orthodox burial plots for the shul. Traditionally inclined Conservative Jews are joining despite their mechitza-itis. Instead of being an insular shul disconnected from the community we are now part of it. When people have had major life challenges he drops everything and is there for them, his pastoral skills are another aspect drawing people to our shul. The davening here used to be flat and uninspired, now it has ruach. The programming was “phoned in” now it has some care and attention and he inspires others to step up their game.” Arthur Altman, President, Congregation Tiferet Israel, Austin TX


“Abe is a kind, caring, loving, rabbi. He’s not judgmental and accepts everyone. I love it when he leads our Kabbalat Shabbat services with his guitar. He is able to connect to all of the
residents regardless of their religious affiliation. He listens and makes sure that everyone is
heard. He has a way of capturing everyone’s essence – whether that’s in leading a class or having a one-on-one conversation. He is such a good person — and that’s what makes him a good rabbi.” – Sandra Abel, Resident of the Memphis Jewish Home & Rehab


“I was reflecting on just how influential your work has already been. I don’t know of any other place in the world that is producing truly learned and text-based Rabbis who are ready to serve our particular community needs while serving the universal realities around us. The bridge you all are creating has never been important…Nothing says Klal Yisrael quite like the son of a Reconstructionist Rabbi commending an Orthodox seminary :)-Larry Tobin, Boston, MA


“Rabbi Jonathan Duker is a respected and highly regarded leader in our Beit Shemesh community. He teaches with great enthusiasm and shows a wide range of knowledge with a singular ability to place the Jewish texts into a larger historical context. Rabbi Duker is someone whom you feel comfortable asking your questions to and who gives real thought and care to each answer.” -Deborah Chonin-Schwartzberg, Beit Shemesh, Israel


“Rabbi Shapiro deeply believes and shows by example that everyone is welcome and wanted.  He teaches a Talmud class at his house and attracts people who would otherwise never be exposed to Talmud.  He connects with people in a way that cannot be overstated.  His handling of life cycle events is unmatched.  He brings a tremendous level of comfort to the ill and the families who lost loved ones.  To sum up what we think of him, let me just say he has become more than our rabbi.  He has become our rebbe.  And from what I have seen, Rabbi Shapiro is YCT.” – Jeff Forman, Baltimore, MD


“Rabbi Passow shaped my life at Harvard Hillel. From his brilliant divrei torah to his all-inclusive meals, he focuses on each individual while creating a wholesome community around them.” – Joe Hostyk, Cambridge, MA


“It’s hard to understand what YCT is all about just by reading about it. Seeing the principles in action has impressed me deeply. I’m on board.” – Jeff Kane, Austin, TX


“When Rabbi Saul Strosberg came to our congregation in 2005, we were an aging Shul, isolated from our community, with a dwindling membership.  But Rabbi Saul has transformed our Shul. Our membership has grown by over 60%, with many  young families attracted by Saul and his family.  His energy, compassion, and creative innovations helped us re-invent ourselves.  His provides an ever-welcoming spiritual home for members and visitors alike.  Wise beyond his years and compassionate, Saul is always doing for others, quietly making a difference in peoples’ lives.  He makes everyone feel as if they are the most important people in the world.  Twenty-six-year-old Rabbi Saul quickly became Nashville’s “community rabbi,” welcomed in all synagogues, forging strong relationships with the other rabbis in town.   In his first year, he arranged Nashville’s first-ever eruv. When Hurricane Katrina struck, young Saul reached out to the minister of a nearby church and they collected and delivered a large truckload of provisions for the victims — a first for our previously insular Shul. Since Rabbi Saul, it’s not ‘your grandfather’s Sherith Israel!” – Evelyn Koch, Nashville, TN


“Saul is one of a handful of people that changed the course of my life. First thing that drew me in is his openness.  I was floundering in Judaism, uncertain of my path through it, going between extremes.  He was the first person that made me internalize the fact that Torah belonged to me no less than anyone else, and the real question was how committed I am to it.  A lot of spirituality I have seen in my time as an adult has been about intensity – going outside and above this world.  For Rabbi Saul, it is very much about being *present* in this world… And you can see it from the way you have his full and undivided attention during a casual chat, his kavana during services, or the fact that you will find him with a power-drill in the evening, after services, fixing a damaged pew.  He will certainly reap much reward in the next world, but in the meantime, he is focused on bringing tangible holiness into this one. He is a mentor, and really one of my heroes”. -Yuri Livshitz, Nashville, TN


 “Whether participating in the Prime Minister’s trip to Israel, advocating on behalf of our community, working with young families or inspiring us with his thoughtful sermons, Rabbi Scheier has become a leader in our community, beyond the walls of our congregation. Whether in times of great joy or deep sorrow, Rabbi Scheier has acted as a beacon of inspiration and of hope”. -Barry Pascal, Montreal, QC


“Rabbi Winberg has been a huge success.  In a very short period of time, he has succeeded in revitalizing Brandeis Hillel, making a series of splendid new appointments (based on new funds that he has raised), organizing exciting new opportunities for students, such a trip to Israel for campus leaders.  Shabbat programs have been heavily subscribed, and wonderful speakers (including R. Linzer) have come to campus.  Amazing how much he has accomplished in a short time.” -Jonathan D. Sarna, Newton, MA  


 “Michael Katzman has been a superior addition to our school.  Thank you for helping to fashion a true leader and teacher of Israel.” -Mark Stolovitsky, Dallas, TX



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