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YCT Rabbinical School - Chovevei Torah, Setting the standard in rabbinic leadership

YCT Rabbinical School

Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Rabbinical School (YCT) is a 4-year Modern Orthodox rabbinical school that cultivates a love of Torah, a philosophy of inclusiveness, and a passion for leadership. 

YCT believes that we need a new breed of Jewish leaders – rabbis who embody an expansive and empowering Orthodoxy, who work to shape communities that are diverse and welcoming, and who believe that the way to inspire people to grow in Torah and mitzvot is through an approach that is non-judgmental and intellectually open.

Students are chosen through a rigorous process that assesses every applicant’s character, make-up, and overall ability to perform and excel as a Jewish leader in the community. Our curriculum is taught at the highest levels of academic excellence, and is the first to make pastoral counseling and professional development as core components of an Orthodox rabbinic education.

The YCT curriculum is designed to provide students with the best possible training to enter the professional rabbinate. At the end of four years, students are well-equipped to serve in pulpits, schools, hospitals, Hillels and other Jewish organizations. Our students are trained to become inspiring and motivating teachers of Torah, sensitive and responsible poskim for their communities, and role models of proper religious and ethical behavior. Through our intensive Halakha, Gemara, and Torah curriculum, students gain the knowledge, skills, and judgment to expertly fill these roles, and to apply the eternal teachings of our Torah and mesorah to the realities of 21st century life.

Our students spend two years in intensive internship programs where they are mentored by rabbis or teachers, experiencing the rabbinate hands-on in real-life situations. All students complete a full Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) unit, gaining chaplaincy training and experience that is invaluable in a variety of rabbinic occupations. The internship and chaplaincy experiences extend from a student’s first year of rabbinical school through his final month in the yeshiva. We recognize the level of dedication, time, and effort required for the process of learning and professional rabbinic preparation.  Tuition is waived for all of our students and our fellowship program provides a stipend for those who are not receiving outside funding, allowing students to focus their full energies on their studies.