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Programs - Chovevei Torah, Setting the standard in rabbinic leadership


CORE Semikha Program

At the heart of our yeshiva and central to YCT’s vision and founding, our 4-year semikha program prepares Modern Orthodox rabbis to be talmidei chakhamim, poskim and spiritual leaders, serving the Jewish community in a wide range of capacities with compassion, sensitivity, and a recognition of each individual’s unique needs within the broader system of halakhic Judaism. 

Pardes Day School Educators Program & Yeshivat Chovevei Torah Semikha

The Pardes-YCT Joint Program trains outstanding rabbinic leaders who are passionate about day school teaching and administration.

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Jewel Certificate Program

YCT’s JEWEL (Jewish Educators and Leadership Certificate) Program empowers current and future Jewish community professionals to enhance their character and capacities while nourishing their souls. This highly integrated program centers on immersive Torah study, preeminent professional training, and ongoing mentorship, all within a vibrant, warm community. Graduates of this one-year program earn a Certificate in Jewish Education and Leadership. Participants have the option to stay for a second year.

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Rikmah –  YCT Israeli Rabbinic Leadership Program

Rikmah trains rabbis in Israel as they professionalize their work and deepen their connections to other rabbis in Israel, and the Jewish community in North America. Fellows combine their Torah studies from various Israeli Yeshivot with the best of the YCT curriculum: unique Talmud Torah, Professional Rabbinics, Pastoral Counseling, a sense of mission to inspire and enhance the Jewish People, and an encounter with unique aspects of the American Jewish community.  

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Beit Midrash Program

This one-year immersive learning program is designed to enhance prospective semikha students’ Jewish textual literacy, fluency and skills. The program, offered in conjunction with Maharat, is primarily aimed at semikha program applicants. 

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Meorot Fellowship

The Meorot Fellowship, a joint program of YCT and Maharat,  gathers exceptional college students to learn with distinguished academics, communal leaders, and rabbis. Meorot helps these students grow into future Jewish spiritual and lay leaders through serious learning and honest discourse, establishing a cross-campus community of powerful student voices. Each monthly session includes presentations and shiurim followed by group discussions, emphasizing respect and tolerance as the cornerstones for healthy debate. These sessions are supplemented by regular chevruta study and a closing celebratory Shabbaton in New York.

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YCT Kollel for Contemporary Halakhic Studies

The Kollel for Contemporary Halakhic Studies is a four-week intensive learning program for advanced scholars. Geared for Orthodox men with semikha or equivalent level of learning and under the leadership of Rabbi Dov Linzer, YCT Rosh HaYeshiva and President, the YCT Kollel will develop Halakhic authorities for the Orthodox community who embody values of inclusion, human dignity, respect for diversity, and who will impact the community through their thought leadership, halakhic rulings, and scholarship. Furthermore, it will advance the highest level of Torah and halakhic scholarship on the pressing topics of today.

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