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The YCT Beit Midrash for Rabbinic Leadership in Israel

YCT’s Beit Midrash for Rabbinic Leadership in Israel is a training program for recently ordained rabbis in Israel. Originally conceived by Rabbi Hillel Mansfield as he completed YCT studies while residing in Israel, it has now grown to a program involving more than 24 rabbis encompassing two complete cohorts, with a third planned for January, 2022. Fellows meet while continuing their full-time work, with the goal of enhancing their leadership with the best of the YCT curriculum: unique Talmud Torah, Professional Rabbinics, Pastoral Counseling, a sense of mission to inspire and enhance the Jewish People, and an encounter with unique aspects of the American Jewish community.

Each cohort meets weekly for a year to learn with YCT’s faculty, including Rabbi Dov Linzer, Dr. Michelle Friedman, Rabbi Avi Weiss and Miriam Schacter, LCSW, as well as Israeli rabbis and leaders. Two summits in Israel and a ten-day seminar in North America provide peak educational and transformative experiences. The seminar in North American includes studies at the YCT Beit Midrash, a Shabbat with YCT Rabbis serving diverse communities, and the AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, DC. The program also includes an internship element with leading rabbis in Israel, and a chaplaincy training at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital.

Our institutional partner in Israel is Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah, providing ongoing logistical and other support to this program and its participants. 

The program is led by Rabbi Ilay Ofran, Rav of K’vutzat Yavneh and Rabbi Mishael Zion (’11), Director of the Mandel Program for Leadership in Jewish Culture, both of whom reside in Israel, together with Rabbi Yonah Berman (’07), who oversees the program from YCT’s New York office.  

Participants receive a stipend during the months of study as well as ongoing support and engagement in the years that follow.

Those who complete the fellowship receive a Certificate of Rabbinic Leadership from YCT.

Click for details in Hebrew and applications. We encourage interested candidates to write directly to Rabbi Yonah Berman with any questions.



Meet our Fellows:

Cohort 2

Cohort 1