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Jewel Certificate Program

YCT’s JEWEL (Jewish Educators and Leadership Certificate) Program empowers current and future Jewish community professionals to enhance their character and capacities while nourishing their souls. This highly integrated program centers on immersive Torah study, preeminent professional training, and ongoing mentorship, all within a vibrant, warm community.

Graduates of this one-year program earn a Certificate in Jewish Education and Leadership. Participants have the option to stay for a second year. JEWEL is fully funded, with full tuition remission and a generous living stipend. Graduates are expected to devote at least the year following graduation to full-time Jewish communal work. Those who stay for a second year are expected to serve in a full-time Jewish communal position for at least two years, paying forward the learning and skills acquired in JEWEL.

Each day for a JEWEL student resembles the day of a YCT’s CORE semikha student, with mornings dedicated to Talmud Torah, focused on Talmud (year one) and Shabbat: Halakha v’Makhshavah (year two). These intensive studies are accompanied by weekly in-depth exploration of Parshat haShavua and Jewish Thought. Afternoons are devoted to a range of professional courses and trainings, including Pastoral Counseling, Pedagogy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Relational Engagement. The curriculum is enhanced through a range of electives, such as Torah Encounters Modernity, Readings in Zohar and Hassidut, Israel and Your Rabbinate, and the Opportunities and Limits of Pluralism.

JEWEL students are also given fieldwork opportunities and placed in internships while being paired with mentors to enable the application of their learning in real-world situations. They are eligible for personal tutorials with experts in fields like Modern Jewish Thought, Hassidut, and Mussar, and they have access to professional development funds to subsidize trainings in public speaking, fundraising, and Israel engagement, among other areas.  

The JEWEL Certificate Program is open to observant, Orthodox men who have facility with rabbinic texts and the desire to develop their capacities in order to better serve the Jewish community. Successful applicants will be motivated, curious, engaging, and humble, with a passion for Jewish learning and Jewish communal service.

JEWEL graduates are welcomed into the YCT alumni community and are eligible for ongoing mentorship and support from both YCT and its expansive alumni network. Qualifying students can also apply to transition into the CORE semikha program, and, if accepted, count the two years of JEWEL study as the first two years of semikha.

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